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Hydraulic Grooming Table


Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Grooming Table                         

Dimension:  914x610x (from 483 to 991)mm

                       1120x610x(from 483 to 991mm

Material:  Steel sheet, Steel tubing, plywood and rubber

Surface powder coated finish for base

                   Chrome finished for Legs and Arm                         


Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Grooming Table                         

Dimension:  914x610x (from 483 to 991)mm

                   1120x610x(from 483 to 991mm

Material:  Steel sheet, Steel tubing, plywood and rubber

Surface:   powder coated finish for base

                Chrome finished for Legs and Arm  


This hydraulic lift grooming table gives a smooth and easy boost  When grooming or examining large or heavy pets.

This hydraulic lift grooming table with Hydraulic Pump & Foot Pedal that adjust table top from 19” to 39” H.

The grooming table top is made of high-grade plywood with an easy-to-clean rubbed

The legs are made of steel and attractive powder coated finish.

With arm and without arm for your choice.

Hydraulic table which can easily lift and down


The Grooming Tables Raising:                                 

 Press the foot lever to 2/3, repeat several times until                                

reaching the required position.              


The Grooming Tables Lowering:

  Press the foot lever to the bottom,push the table down

 with the weight of it to the required position.

There is a small black nut was installed inside

the bolt, you could use a swing device to control its length ,when the nut

touch  the metal part ,the lowering speed will be lessened for the sake of safety to

avoid sudden descend


Product Item

Product dimension

Package dimension



914x610x (from 483 to 991)mm




1120x610x(from 483 to 991mm



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